My family is obsessed with cars, always has been. My father had a string of sports cars when he was young. My uncle built and raced a Marcos and later restored classic cars. My grandfather loved his motor bikes. My mum’s brother renovated an old Willis Jeep and drove across Europe in it.

One of my abiding childhood memories is squeezing behind the roll bar of a TVR Tuscan while my father, encouraged by my mother in the passenger seat, flouted the speed limit on the local bypass. In my mind we reached 160mph but I suspect that’s the fanciful thinking of a child who had just become hooked on cars.

The TR3A. (Neil Fraser Photography)

Dad in his TR3A. The New Forest, Hampshire, England, 1966

As I got older I developed another passion, this time for photography, which I went on to study at University. On graduating, while trying to decide which direction to take my photography in, I realized the obvious. I should be photographing cars – after all it’s what I grew up with. After making that decision I spent a few years assisting photographers and went on to become a professional photographer specialising in cars.

I’m starting this blog to showcase both my car photography and, at the same time, impart a little information about the cars in the photos. I’ll be covering both new and classic cars, giving a little history about the classics and my humble opinion on the new. I’ll be showing the photos in magazine layout form and supplying the articles in plain text below. If you’re reading I hope you find it interesting. If not enjoy the pretty pictures.

Neil Fraser

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